CMA Healthcare Directory on Disk

CMA Healthcare Directory on Disk 

Have you ever wished you could have a complete hospitals address and phone book on your PC desktop?  

Ready for you to look up addresses and phone and fax numbers in an instant?  

Well now you can!  

For just £99* you can have a copy of the CMA Healthcare Directory program on disk. 
Easy to load, simple to use this great little program will sit on your PC desktop ready with over 2500 hospital address, phone and fax details - and you can print hospital addresses out to pass around, stick to memos, envelopes, even to your filofax! You can even copy the details to your clipboard and paste them into your own documents and reports. 

Just like the familiar wire-bound printed copies of the Hospital Address Book and Hospital Telephone Book the disk contains the entire hospitals database, recently updated, reflecting the recent changes being implemented throughout the NHS and private healthcare sector.  

The directory includes 

  • Regions & Districts & Health Boards 
  • Ambulance Services 
  • NHS & Independent Hospitals 
  • NHS Trusts 
System Requirements 
*3.5 diskette version Windows 95 System Requirements  
Windows 95 or higher IBM compatible 486 or better with 16 MB RAM 
VGA (or better) Windows supported graphic monitorMouse supported by Windows 

How to order and advertising enquiries 
To order a copy of the directory or to request further information: 

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