Infection Control Yearbook
Infection Control Yearbook

Identifies key staff in infection control across the UK.

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Brief summary
Typical directory entry
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Brief summary
  • Identifies
    Clinical, Laboratory, Technical and Nursing Specialists
  • Covers
    Infection Control, Microbiology, Sterile Services, Stoma Care, Tissue Viability, and Wound Care.
  • Details of organisations and societies involved in infection control
  • Complimentary copies issued to key people in infection control

Sample directory entry

Derbyshire Royal Infirmary NHS Trust
Trust Headquarters
London Road

Tele:	01332 347141
Fax:	01332 295652

Dr A R Mellersh - Consultant Microbiologist
Dr D W Bullock - Consultant Microbiologist

Infection Control
Mrs D Macpherson - Infection Control Nurse
Mrs Wood- Infection Control Nurse

Sterile Services
Mr R Jones - Sterile Services Manager

Stoma Care
Ms S Wood - Stoma Care Nurse (based at Wilson Close Clinic)
Ms L Evans - Stoma Care Nurse (based at Wilson Close Clinic)

Tissue Viability/Wound Care
Ms T Mahon - Tissue Viability Co-ordinator

Hospitals forming part of the Trust
Bretby Hall Orthopaedic Hospital
Derby Chest Clinic
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary
Nightingale Macmillan

How to order
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