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Within the healthcare and medical world, CMA's specialist directories represent the most up to date and accurate record of people, services and facilities. And, in some cases, the CMA directory is the sole source of reliable information within its specialist area.

Each directory is updated annually, and can be bought as a one off or on an annual subscription. The directories can be ordered on-line from our order page .

The directories and yearbooks currently available are as follows:

The Directory of Emergency & Special Care Units
Detailed information on the highly specialised units providing intensive and high technology care for patients throughout the British Isles.
The Directory of Operating Theatres & Departments of Surgery
Over 400 pages of detailed information on Operating Theatres & Surgical Specialties in NHS & Independent Hospitals throughout the UK.
The Directory of Independent Healthcare Supplies & Services
This new A4 Directory provides a comprehensive overview of this increasingly important sector.
The Directory of Hospital Management Supplies & Services
Detailed information, including the names of senior staff, for a full range of non-clinical management services within Health Authorities and NHS Trusts.
Infection Control Yearbook
The Infection Control Yearbook has moved even further toward helping you answer vital questions, identifying key target customers and all in just one convenient volume.
Neonatal Nurses Yearbook
The yearbook of the Neonatal Nurses Association, containing details and contacts for all neonatal units in the UK.
Directory of Hospital Telephone Numbers
400 pages of detailed information, including activity data and contact details, consultants, supplies details

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